About Ro Repair Services

Divyansh Enterprises provide every type Service and Repairing for all types of RO Like Normal RO,Commercial RO, Industrial RO at very low price .We provide Services repair all brands of RO Like Kent, Aquqguard, Pureit, Nasaka, Panasonic, Whirlpool Minerala, Aquafresh,Livepure, NEO, Careplus, Bloom, Tata Swach,LG, Godrej etc.We repair and service both branded and unbranded RO. WE also provide services for assembled ro.We provide home service.Our Service Center is fully private Service center. We provide services on chargeable basis.We service and repair only out of warranty products.

Ro Repair Sevices

Divyansh Enterprises provides the regular servicing with the RO filters, water motor cleaning and the supporting pipes cleaning. This gives better longevity to the RO systems.

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Ro Modules

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water.


Ro Fittings and Tubing

If a quick connect fitting leaks, there is usually no reason to replace the entire fitting. Replacing easier and less expensive.


Ro Tanks

Pressure tanks used with undersink, Water is stored in a bladder. if water tank is block we change it.


Ro Faucets

If we notice your air gap faucet leaking water through its hole. sometimes debris can block your RO drain tube.


Ro Pumps

The most common cause of a complete failure of an RO is a pump. We repair operational problems.


Ro Check Valves

Though replacing the valve is simple, instead of letting the valve leak, it can be maintained through some easy steps.


Ro Membranes

Membrane cleaning is an essential process for reverse osmosis membranes. Loss of normalized permeate flow.


Ro TDS Meters

The Only Way To Know If Your Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane Is Performing Correctly - Tests for TDS - Total Dissolved Solids.


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